Our concept

The LidiceHaus gGmbH consists of the youth-education-centre LidiceHaus located in the district Stadtwerder and the ServiceBureau Jugendinformation with its own premises in downtown. We are a non-profit educational, advisory and information institution for young people, personnel in kid and youth welfare services, teacher as well as parents.

With our name we take a stand: ,,Lidice‘‘ is a memorial and a reminder of the crimes and cruelty of fascist reign.  To us ,,remembering for the future‘‘ means, to develop a society based on solidarity and equal rights with our youth and educational work. We are committed to strengthening democracy and promoting a culture of recognition and appreciation of diversity. We encourage young people to make their voices heard in democratic processes and to trust in the effectiveness of their own actions. 

Learn and feel good 

It`s our aim to strengthen young people in their active role as democratic citizens. We create spaces for new experiences, which on the one hand are manageable and at the same time represent an activating challenge. Our methods are extensive and in tie with the life reality of the participants. We want them to fathom their world logically and emotionally, have a critical eye on their viewpoints and attitudes and possibly change them. We want to encourage the desire and curiosity to learn and furthermore strengthen independence and confidence in one`s own abilities. Learning succeeds when the participants can experiment extended scope for behaviour and action in personal, social and political interaction, when they are willing to take on responsibility in self-determined way and when conflicts can be resolved without violence

To make our participants and guests feel comfortable and to support a successful learning process the kitchen, the housekeeping, the caretaker and engineers, administration and pedagogical areas work hand in hand to create a good atmosphere. We offer an environment that enables productive working with all the senses. During the breaks we take care of the physical well-being with a health-conscious catering. The rooms offer opportunities for encounters and exchange but also serve for relaxation and taking a breath. In addition to our own educational offers, groups with their own seminar and conference offers also have the opportunity to use our educational facilities as a conference house.

Many people – one team

We are a team in which everyone makes an important contribution to achieve a successful work of the organisation. Our employees are our most important resource and supported accordingly. We assess the value of diversity in our team and take the different competences and approaches from our colleagues as an enrichment. Our actions are shaped by mutual support, liability, high commitment, quality and flexible response to changing requirements. We evaluate our services and offers in regular feedback with our participants and guests. In joint coordination processes, both in-house and with shareholders and grant providers, we are continuously developing ourselves further.