Lidice ist Program

After the brutal act of revenge by the SS and the Wehrmacht, in which Lidice was erased from the map and the people living there were murdered or deported, an undreamt-of wave of indignation and sympathy broke out. Even today, Lidice is considered a memorial to fascist atrocities and at the same time a symbol of solidarity.

In 1987 the youth-education-centre LidiceHaus was founded in Bremen by the Sportjugend, the Stadtjugendring, the Olof-Palme-Institut and the Bremer Bürgerhaus association: Lidice is program. Program for a political educational work which devotes oneself to encounter and solidarity, self-determination and justice. We consider the LidiceHaus as a vivid place for the development and the learning of democracy and the dialogue with and between cultures and religions with their opportunities and deficits.

After many beautiful years in the north of Bremen we moved the education-centre to the Stadtwerder in 2007. The modern architecture represents the progressive engagement of the education-centre. We continue to offer a varied educational programme for young people and multipliers, but our house is also available all year round to guests for their own events and educational programmes.

The LidiceHaus is a non-profit GmbH. In the Cooperation Committee, the partners work together with the Sentorin for Social Affairs, Youth, Women, Integration & Sports and the Office for Social Services. All decisions are made jointly in this executive committee- from operation to personnel development and pedagogical orientation.

The shareholders of the LidiceHaus (2016):
Landessportbund Bremen
Bremer Jugendring
Kreisverband der Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bremen
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Bremen
Aktion Sühnezeichen, Soziale Friedensdienste Berlin